Hello and welcome to my blog,

My name is Francesca Namwaya Miller and I am a writer based in London, born in Paris to East African parents.

I particularly write about people, arts, cinema, literature from diverse cultures (African and Asian namely) as well as women who are underrepresented in mainstream pop culture.

Imagine if the next most popular literary hero or highest selling visual artist was a Black or Oriental teenage girl? How about a popular TV show around the world that is in fact an adaptation from a Bengali story?

Explore my portfolio of stories about compelling heroes and heroins, fantasy and real life stories and folk tales about amazing people from places and cultures that should be intrinsically connected to Western storytelling and diverse culture. 

Latest projects and published works

Explore my portfolio

Digital Art

Read about women digital artists’ work and journey as they make their mark in a still very white male dominated art world. Most of it is published for Agora Art Digital.


Discover myths and folk tales for all audiences, kids and adults from around the world and explore the different narratives, perspectives and heroes who may look like you.

Copywriting & Translating

I also work as a D&I copywriter, content strategist and translator for clients globally across sectors and brands.

Creative Writing

Creative short stories based on everyday people from all over at different stages of their life journeys.

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