About Me

Who I am 

I am a Paris born lady living in London with my lovely husband.

My parents emigrated to Europe in the late 1970s from Uganda. That country and its culture is my other heritage and the first time I travelled there, I was in my early 30s.

I grew up in 1980s and 1990s leafy Paris in a rich cultural environment both at home, at school, university and that city. Early on however, I wondered whether there was more to the stories we were being told school and across popular culture. 

As beautiful and engrossing these folk and fairy tales, poems and mythology are (I am a sucker for folktales from all over), the heroes never looked like me.

Disney made me believe that I could never be a princess until a black princess appeared and … I was 32. Let’s not mention the books sold by publishers. This was the world before Amazon and access to stories of more diverse books.

What I love to write about

I love writing about stories from places around the world that are not present in the mainstream in media and pop culture. I have written about Indian films, Indian and Far East Asian Art and now, I write stories based on East African folktales to show that heroes can look like anyone.

Why I write – Diversity and Inclusion of underrepresented narratives

If like me, you are a child of many worlds and grown up in an environment where your cultural heritage is not the dominant one and rather on the fringe, this place is for you.

I hope I keep growing the reach and visibility of these stories and narratives to audiences around the world to create more diverse looking popular heroes.

I believe that stories from places, people and cultures that should be intrinsically connected to Western storytelling and reflect the diverse cultural differences that bring the countries together.